Your Growth Marketer for Organic Search

Apparatus is an SEO automation platform that constantly deploys changes to your website to drive more organic search traffic.

How it Works

Why Use Apparatus?

Grow Organic Search Traffic

Continuous experimentation allows us to find the optimal content for each page and grow your search traffic.

Continuously Monitor SEO Performance

Stay ahead of the competition and Google algorithm changes. Apparatus is always watching to make sure your site is optimized.

Gain a Trusted Growth Marketing Resource

Have questions about an upcoming migration? Need help doing keyword research? We go beyond the basics to help our customers.

Apparatus vs The Rest

Traditional SEO Agency

  • Delivers a one-time technical SEO audit which quickly becomes out-of-date
  • Requires your team to do the work of implementing the changes
  • Only focuses on cookie-cutter best practices
  • Determining impact is up to you


  • Continuously monitors the SEO of your site
  • Makes the changes to your site automatically
  • Takes a data-driven approach backed by personalized experimentation
  • Reports back on actual organic click and impression impact

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